Am I eligible for a Taxotere® hair loss settlement?

Am I Eligible For A Taxotere® Hair Loss Settlement?

Patients are often warned about the potential for hair loss before starting a course of cancer treatment. Sanofi-Aventis states in its Taxotere® clinical trial information that most patients on the drug experience the side effect of hair loss during treatment, but that hair generally grows back when chemotherapy is complete. However, some patients suffer from alopecia, which is permanent hair loss, after this treatment, and may be eligible for compensation as a result.

Why Does Taxotere Cause Hair Loss?

Cancer cells replicate and spread quickly, so many chemotherapy agents work by attacking cells that grow rapidly. These medications cannot tell the difference between different types of fast-growing cells, so some normal cells may be affected—including hair cells. As a result, patient will typically lose some or all of the hair on their bodies:

  • When starting chemotherapy. Hair loss typically begins within two weeks after a patient’s first Taxotere treatment. Initially, the hair on your head may feel brittle or dry, and start to thin. Patients may notice hair on their pillows or in their bed, or an increased buildup of hair in brushes and the shower drain.
  • During chemotherapy. Hair loss usually increases in the first two months of regular Taxotere treatments. Large clumps of hair may fall out, and the scalp may itchy or be more sensitive than usual. Hair might also disappear from other of the body, including eyebrows, eyelashes, legs, armpits, nose, and pubic area.
  • After chemotherapy. Hair loss may continue for weeks or even months after taking Taxotere, depending on the amount given and how many other chemotherapy drugs were administered. Hair typically starts to grow back between three and six months after treatment, although the color or texture may be slightly different at first.

The particular formula for Taxotere often causes permanent hair loss for some patients. Key lawsuits indicate the manufacturer did not adequately disclose this toxic side effect to allow people to make a choice between treatment options.

We Can Help

Women who are eligible for Taxotere hair loss settlements have suffered permanent alopecia, not just a few months of hair loss. Patients might be bald; have permanent thinning of hair; or a complete loss of head and body hair that’s not expected to return. This type of lifestyle change often causes distress and depression. If your hair loss has persisted for extensive months or even years after your treatment with Taxotere, we can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to tell your story and let us start an investigation into your case.