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February 28, 2018

Benicar Medication May Cause Intestinal Damage

Untreated hypertension is dangerous. If you don’t control your high blood pressure, you could have a heart attack or a stroke, or suffer from kidney damage, blindness, or angina. However, did you know that taking a blood pressure medication like Benicar can cause just as many ill effects?

Patients who take Benicar and drugs like it for an extended period of time can experience severe and dangerous gastrointestinal disorders such as uncontrollable diarrhea, intestinal distress, sprue-like enteropathy, villous atrophy, celiac disease, and kidney failure. You may have even seen a doctor with these complaints but no connection was made to your blood pressure medication, so you have continued to suffer.

If you are experiencing one of the many adverse side effects of Benicar, you could be entitled to compensation from the drug maker. You will need an experienced dangerous drug attorney on your side. At the McGartland Law Firm, we have secured multi-million dollar settlements for clients injured by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. If you are taking Benicar and are experiencing intestinal problems, call us for a consultation. We take on the big drug companies and win.

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