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After a defective product has caused you pain and suffering, it is vital that you get as much information as you can before filing a claim. Our library articles explore dangerous medical devices, metal hip implants, dangerous drugs, and other products that could lead to a successful product liability case.

$12 million Awarded in Talcum Powder-Caused Mesothelioma Lawsuit

In a recent talcum powder asbestos case against Johnson & Johnson, a woman was awarded $12 million in damages for suffering from mesothelioma brought on by the asbestos particles in talcum powder. Read the full details of the award by following the link below:

J&J Slammed with $325M Talcum Powder Asbestos Verdict

talcum powder asbestos hernia mesh lawsuit Metal Hip Judgement hip settlement
In the aftermath of an initial $25 million talcum powder asbestos compensatory verdict for a woman with mesothelioma, a New York jury is hitting Johnson & Johnson with another $300 million in punitive damages to punish the personal care behemoth for actively concealing the dangerous nature of its talcum...

Chemical Lobbyists Paid to Say Roundup Was Safe

Bayer Subsidiary Monsanto Paid Chemical Lobbyists to Misrepresent Roundup's Safety
New court documents in the ongoing Roundup non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma litigation indicate Bayer subsidiary Monsanto paid chemical lobbyists to claim the popular herbicide weed killer was safe despite significant scientific evidence that Roundup causes cancer.Email correspondence between Monsanto officials and the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) reflect how...

Roundup Class Action Demands Ruling on Glyphosate and Cancer Link

roundup class action
Monsanto is now facing a Roundup class action lawsuit that is calling for resolution on the prevailing question about the connection between the weed killer’s active ingredient, glyphosate, and cancer. The claim asserts that this resolution is critical to saving hundreds of thousands of hours of court time and...

Thousands of Valsartan Cancer Lawsuits Expected Over Drug Contamination

valsartan cancer lawsuits
Experts are projecting that valsartan cancer lawsuits will eventually number in the thousands over the widespread contamination of the popular blood pressure medication.Currently, there are only a few dozen valsartan cancer lawsuits pending in the federal court system. However, as more individuals learn that impurities in certain generic valsartan...

Roundup Exposure Risks May Include Generational Toxic Damage

federal roundup trial roundup exposure
A new study indicates that Roundup exposure may cause generational toxic damage, meaning that individuals may pass on health problems from the weed killer to their children.Scientific Reports published the study this week. Washington State University (WSU) researchers say they found “dramatic increases in pathologies” in the grandchildren and...