Truck Accidents on Dangerous Roads & Highways

Trucks Driving On Dangerous Roads & Highways Can Put Drivers At Risk

Due to the long stopping distance needed for commercial trucks given their size, they are at a greater risk of being involved in an accident caused by dangerous roads and highways. Those injured due to a trucking accident on a dangerous road may be eligible for a personal injury suit: call on a truck accident lawyer to see if you are eligible for a claim for compensation if you are injured.

Common Causes of Dangerous Roads

Cities and counties are responsible for the proper upkeep and maintenance of roads and highways and when they fail to do so, they leave drivers in danger of being in an accident.

Dangerous Conditions Can Include:

  • Design defects
  • Lack of hardware for the road
  • Poor lighting
  • Inadequate signs and traffic signals
  • Roadway is too narrow, steep, or curvy
  • Faulty directional signals
  • Construction defects
  • Significant amount of blind spots

Our firm can work to hold all liable parties accountable for the accident in which you were injured. You could be entitled to compensation to cover any medical bills and property damage your accident incurred.

Get the Tough Representation You Need

Our truck accident attorney can investigate the scene of the accident, review any police reports of the accident, and interview any witnesses to ascertain who was at fault for your injuries.

A personal injury suit can recover the financial damages you need to cover any medical experiences your injury may have caused. This can include doctor or hospital bills, prescription medication costs, physical therapy, and any emotional trauma.

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