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We help injury victims recover for accidents and injuries caused by consumer products, including metal hip implants, prescription drugs, and dangerous medical devices. Find out which devices have been known to cause serious side effects, and how we can help you get compensation.

Modular SMF And Modular Redapt Hip Systems

Smith & Nephew Recalls Both Modular SMF Hip Implants Redapt Hip Implants

Over the years, Smith & Nephew’s metal-on-metal hip implants faced numerous complications, and their Modular SMF and Redapt hip implants are no exception. The UK company issued a worldwide recall in 2016 for both the Modular SMF and Modular Redapt Revision Femoral Hip Systems over complications with the device design.
Claims indicate both of these modular devices caused hip implant patients to experience a higher rate of injury, resulting in the need for revision surgery. Below, we review the background of the Modular SMF and Modular Redapt Revision Femoral Hip Systems and what complications caused Smith & Nephew to recall these devices.

Modular SMF and Redapt Background

Respectively, Smith & Nephew first released the Modular SMF and Modular Redapt Hip Systems in 2008 and 2012. The U.K. company designed both of these modules using modular cobalt chrome neckpieces, which fit into metal stems coated with titanium. The fitting of the cobalt chrome piece with the titanium metal stems makes these devices metal-on-metal hip implants.
The company designed both of these systems for patients undergoing both primary and revision surgery as a replacement or supplement for other treatments or devices that failed in rehabilitating damaged hips. Smith & Nephew indicates these modular systems can help patients struggling with hip injuries from diseases such as non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease (NIDJD), avascular necrosis, fused hip, and traumatic arthritis, among others.

Modular Hip Implant Injuries

However, in 2016 Smith & Nephew issued a class 2 hip implant recall for 2,000 models of the Modular SMF and Modular Redapt Revision Femoral Hip Systems. According to the company, the modular implant experienced a higher than anticipated complaint and adverse event trend.
“Based on an analysis of available data sets, Smith & Nephew considers that patients implanted with the modular neck hip prostheses may be at greater risk of revision surgery than with comparable monolithic products,” Smith & Nephew said in the statement accompanying the hip implant recall. “For this reason, on a precautionary basis Smith & Nephew is issuing a voluntary field safety corrective action for the modular neck hip prostheses.”
Metal-on-metal hip replacement complaints linked to the SMF and Redapt models indicate the devices caused patients to experience injuries tied to the metal-on-metal design. Some of the complaints said the constant grinding of the metal implants against one another caused metal particles to flake off into the blood and surrounding tissues.
The flaking of metal caused patients to experience high metal levels in the blood, leading to a type of metal poisoning called metallosis. Metallosis can cause severe side effects including pain, anxiety, tissue damage, and even bone and tissue death in some cases. Patients with defective modular implants also complained that the constant grinding of metal on metal caused their device to fracture and break, resulting in complete implant failure and the need for revision surgery to fix.
This recall, a class 2 worldwide recall, impacted implants shipped from October 2008 through 2016, affecting eight years’ worth of hip implant patients. Smith & Nephew sold over 6,000 of these modular devices by the time they issued the hip implant recall.

Modular SMF and Redapt Hip Implant Lawsuits

Smith & Nephew faces intense scrutiny and criticism over their metal-on-metal implants, including the Modular SMF and Redapt systems. Currently, the company faces hundreds of lawsuits in the U.S. federal courts over complications caused by not only their modular hip implants but their Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) system and their R3 Acetabular System.
Each of these lawsuits raises similar allegations that Smith & Nephew caused the injuries of hip implant patients through the dangerously defective designs of their metal-on-metal hip implants. Individuals filing these claims seek compensation for burdens caused by their hip implant injuries, including pain & suffering, loss of wages, medical bills, and ongoing medical monitoring.
Time and time again, Smith & Nephew has shown continued negligence in their manufacturing and marketing of their medical devices. Reports indicate they have already paid over $40 million to settle claims brought against them by the U.S. Department of Justice for alleged wrongdoing.
Smith & Nephew cannot be allowed to continue deceptively creating and marketing their dangerous products without any consequences. Their negligence not only hurts you, but it may hurt future patients using Smith & Nephew medical products. By holding them accountable for their actions in court, we can force the company’s negligence into the public eye and put a monetary amount on the damage they caused.
If you believe your Smith & Nephew metal-on-metal hip implant caused your injuries, you may be eligible to file a claim against the company and recover compensation. Compensation not only help you recover from financial burdens caused by your suffering; compensation helps hold the company responsible for their actions against you and other patients.
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