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Metal Hip Implants

Patients Injured By Metal Hip Implants Can Get Payment For Their Suffering

The day a patient receives an artificial hip is supposed to be the start of a new life. These implants promise greater mobility, independence, and an end to leg weakness that can result in sudden falls. But many patients will look back on the day of their surgery as the day all of their problems began.

We Hold Companies Liable for Injuries Caused by a Metal Hip Implants

In recent years, manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip replacement devices have been sued due to the poor performance of these hip implants. Patients have suffered a number of complications due to these devices, including metal toxicity, bone and tissue loss, and failure of the device that requires additional surgery. Not only will patients be forced to cope with the prolonged healing times of these injuries, some will even suffer permanent damage as a result.

If you suffered an unnecessary injury due to a metal hip implant, you have a right to sue the medical device company to recover payment for your medical bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other financial losses. We can help you take action against the manufacturers of many different devices, including:

The Case Against Manufacturers of Metal Hip Implants

There has been a growing concern about the dangers of metal hip implants ever since they were released onto the market. Thousands of patients have already filed claims against the manufacturers of their devices, most of whom suffered the pain and inconvenience of a second surgery due to premature failure of their implants.

These lawsuits have brought many different allegations against the makers of metal hip implants, including:

  • Improper testing. In order to meet market demand, medical device manufacturers often put products on the market without appropriately testing their safety. Patients are claiming that many hip implant manufacturers failed to properly test the device before making it available to patients.
  • Unethical marketing. Past lawsuits have alleged that hip device manufacturers aggressively marketed their products and deliberately misled consumers about the risks of metal poisoning and device failure in order to sell more units.
  • Failure to warn. Each medical device that is approved by the FDA must carry a warning that clearly outlines possible side effects. Patients have alleged that manufacturers did not properly warn doctors and patients about the known dangers of their devices, including fretting, corrosion, heavy metal toxicity, and premature failure.
  • Design defects. Some lawsuits claim that metal hip devices were flawed from the earliest design stages and should never have been created in the first place. Companies can be held liable if the design of a product is more likely to cause harm than similar devices already on the market.
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