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May 26, 2020

Texas Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Tyson Foods for Coronavirus Death

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the U.S., increasing numbers of individuals are discovering their loved ones’ COVID-19 deaths were caused by workplace negligence. In Amarillo, a family is suing Tyson Foods Inc. in a Texas wrongful death lawsuit after a woman endured a work-related injury, caught COVID-19, then died from the disease.

The family of Pwar Gay, an employee at the Tyson meatpacking plant in Amarillo, claim Gay tripped, fell, and injured her knee in a work-related incident. Though Tyson reportedly sent Gay to their company clinic and received first aid treatment, she was sent back to work because Tyson’s shortage in staff. The lawsuit states that Tyson sending Gay back to work injured and without proper personal protective equipment (PPE) exposed her to the virus.

“After working on her injured leg Ms. Gay fell ill and was rushed to the hospital after she started having difficulty breathing and her knee was extremely swollen and painful,” attorneys for Gay’s family state in the lawsuit. “Ms. Gay was admitted for several weeks as a result of her knee injuries and COVID-19 symptoms, which later proved to be fatal. Ms. Gay died on May 8, 2020.”

The lawsuit was filed in the United State District Court for the Northern District of Texas Amarillo Division on May 15th. Gay’s family, which includes her husband and four children, claim Tyson was negligent in not allowing Gay to go home or seek medical attention, contributing to her COVID-19 death.

Over 1,500 people have died from COVID-19 in Texas with nearly 57,000 confirmed cases. A large outbreak of coronavirus cases tie back to Tyson facilities, the lawsuit indicating 4,500 Tyson employees have contracted the coronavirus with 18 dying from their COVID-19 difficulties. The Gay family claims that Tyson knew of the coronavirus risk in their facilities and still put their employees at grave risk of catching the virus.

“A grossly disproportionate number of Tyson employees have contracted COVID-19, and have died when compared to the general population,” the May lawsuit states.

Gay’s family are seeking punitive and compensatory damages for Gay’s death, calling out Tyson for being negligent under Texas law.

Texas Wrongful Death Lawyers

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