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January 21, 2020

Roundup Weed Killer Cancer Trial Underway in St. Louis, MO

A trial over Roundup cancer claims started today in St. Louis, MO. Four individuals claiming they developed cancer from exposure to glyphosate in Roundup weed killer are suing Monsanto Company, manufacturers of Roundup, for failing to warn the public about the risk of cancer. According to Fox2 News St. Louis, this Roundup trial is the first to take the claims of different people and merge them into one court case.

Glyphosate was dubbed a "probable" human carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Cancers linked to glyphosate exposure include Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and skin lymphoma.

Over 43,000 lawsuits across the nation claim Monsanto failed to warn the public about the risk of developing cancer after exposure to Roundup weed killer. Individuals filing these claims say if Monsanto had properly warned the public about the risk of developing cancer, individuals could have chosen not to use the toxic herbicide.

So far, Bayer's Monsanto has faced massive losses in the cases that have gone to trial. Three cases went before juries in 2019, resulting in rewards in favor of plaintiffs. Despite their losses, Bayer maintains their stance that Roundup does not cause cancer.

St. Louis was the hometown of Monsanto Company before it was acquired by Bayer 2018. So, experts will be closely watching this trial in particular to see how a Missouri jury will respond to certain testimonies and evidence brought forward by plaintiffs and defendants.

Bayer is currently in a lengthy mediation process to work towards resolving the thousands of claims across the U.S. Several Roundup trials have been postponed during this process so Bayer can focus on working towards a settlement.

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