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Our Product Liability Videos Help Consumers Get Fair Payment For Their Injuries

From medications to metal hip implants, every product ever created has the potential to fail. In our videos, we explore known defects in consumer products, medical devices, and medications, helping patients understand the full extent of the injuries they could have suffered.

Our National Hip Implant Litigation Against Stryker

For thousands of patients, a hip replacement surgery signals the beginning of a new life of mobility and independence. However, patients who received Stryker hip implant devices may still be reeling from the injuries the....
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Help After Permanent Baldness From Taxotere®

Don’t Suffer In Silence With Permanent Baldness From Taxotere® You weren’t happy to lose your hair during chemo for breast cancer, but you believed it would grow back and felt it was a small price to pay for a cure. However, if you were given...
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Essure Birth Control Implant Serious Side Effects

When you decide the time is right for a permanent form of birth control, you want a sterilization method or device that’s safe and effective. However, thousands of women who used the Essure birth control implant claimed the device caused serious side effects, including:severe back aches headaches perforated...
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Dangers of DePuy ASR® Hip System Implants

When a product is recalled, the manufacturer is under an obligation to replace the defective item and reimburse the customer. However, when a medical device is recalled, providing fair compensation becomes much more complicated. For example, an artificial hip requires surgical implantation and weeks of recovery—and for tens of...
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Defective Medical Devices Cause Injuries

Science and technology have developed some amazing medical devices that have saved and improved countless lives. From simple tubing to the most complex implantable devices, these advancements were created and marketed as safe, effective tools to help physicians and patients address a wide variety of medical needs. Unfortunately...
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Benicar Medication May Cause Intestinal Damage

Untreated hypertension is dangerous. If you don’t control your high blood pressure, you could have a heart attack or a stroke, or suffer from kidney damage, blindness, or angina. However, did you know that taking a blood pressure medication like Benicar can cause just as many ill effects? Patients...
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How Our Law Firm Tackles Serious Injury Cases

If you have suffered a serious injury, you know how hard it is to put that injury behind you. Mounting medical bills, physical and emotional pain, and even permanent disability prevent you from moving on with your life.At the McGartland Law Firm, we believe that it is unacceptable to...
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Reasons for a Dangerous Prescription Drugs Lawsuit

Modern medicine has allowed people to feel better, live longer, and has saved countless lives over the years. Many of us place the same trust in our prescription drugs that we place in the doctors who prescribe them—but unfortunately, many of these medications will do more harm than...
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Bard IVC Filters Can Break Inside Patients' Bodies

Patients who undergo surgery are at high risk of blood clots during recovery. For people who cannot tolerate blood thinners, doctors may implant inferior vena cava (or IVC) filters to trap clots in the bloodstream. Although these filters were designed to save lives, many patients have experienced severe health...
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Manufacturers and Dangers of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

 Patients are often told of the many positive benefits of artificial hips, including freedom from pain and the ability to participate in their favorite physical activities. However, those who have received a metal hip implant may experience more pain and suffering than they did before the surgery—they...
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Some Heartburn Drugs May Cause Heart and Kidney Damage

Proton-pump inhibitors, or “PPIs,” are often prescribed for the treatment of heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease, ulcers, and other gastro-intestinal issues. Some common brand names include Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, and Protonix, but there are many prescription or over-the-counter...
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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

Financial worries often cause the most stress. If you or a loved one was recently injured in an accident or on the job, you’re likely worrying about the future. Who will pay for medical bills, physical therapy, medications, surgeries, and....
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Talcum Powder May Increase the Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Talcum-powder products, like Johnson’s Baby Powder or Shower to Shower, have a long history of use in feminine hygiene. Many thousands of women across the United States, at some point in their lives, have used these products in the...
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