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From medications to metal hip implants, every product ever created has the potential to fail. In our videos, we explore known defects in consumer products, medical devices, and medications, helping patients understand the full extent of the injuries they could have suffered.

March 1, 2018

Defective Medical Devices Cause Injuries

Science and technology have developed some amazing medical devices that have saved and improved countless lives. From simple tubing to the most complex implantable devices, these advancements were created and marketed as safe, effective tools to help physicians and patients address a wide variety of medical needs. Unfortunately, some medical devices have been found to cause more harm than good to those who use them.

While device manufacturers are legally obligated to extensively research and test their products, they may take shortcuts in order to get their device onto the market more quickly. Faster, less careful production, limited testing, and weak follow-up research can occur. In these cases, patients and physicians become unknowing test subjects for these devices. Often, the harmful side effects emerge only after weeks, months, or even years of use. Recently, an increasing number of complications have arisen from the use of a few common devices, including:

  • Essure birth control implants
  • Forced air warming blankets

The manufacturers of these and other harmful medical devices can and should be held accountable. At the McGartland Law Firm, we understand who is to blame, and we want to help you hold these manufacturers responsible.  If you or someone you love has developed a health issue or complication from a defective medical device, you have the right to seek justice for the injury and compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain associated with your faulty device.

Our legal team has the tools to help you find the answers you need right now. Call the number on your screen today to learn more about your rights and possible legal options.

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