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From medications to metal hip implants, every product ever created has the potential to fail. In our videos, we explore known defects in consumer products, medical devices, and medications, helping patients understand the full extent of the injuries they could have suffered.

February 23, 2018

Manufacturers and Dangers of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

Patients are often told of the many positive benefits of artificial hips, including freedom from pain and the ability to participate in their favorite physical activities. However, those who have received a metal hip implant may experience more pain and suffering than they did before the surgery—they could even be forced to undergo further procedures due to a faulty device.

Recently, manufacturers of hip replacement devices have faced lawsuits due to the side effects of their metal-on-metal devices. As the head and stem of the hip wear against each other, metal particles can be released into the bloodstream, causing patients to suffer heavy metal poisoning from the cobalt and chromium in the device. Patients have also suffered major health complications due to these implants, including corrosion, bone and tissue degradation, and premature failure of the device—all of which may require revision surgery to remove the implant and replace the faulty hip with a different device.

Known manufacturers of defective metal-on-metal hip implants include:

  • Zimmer (especially its Kinectiv and Zimmer ML devices)
  • Wright (known for its recalled PROFEMUR implants)
  • Stryker (due to its recalled Rejuvenate and ABG II hip devices)
  • DePuy (for its recalled ASR and ASR XL Acetabular Systems)

Cases against these companies have gained national attention in recent years, and have uncovered many instances of unethical behavior from device manufacturers. Patients have made a number of allegations against manufacturers, including failure to properly test their products, using false or misleading marketing tactics, and knowingly releasing and selling a defective product. While some companies have offered settlements to patients who underwent revision surgeries, many more patients are still coping with significant pain, decreased mobility, and healing complications.

If you were injured by a metal hip implant, we are ready to fight on your behalf. The McGartland Law Firm helps clients nationwide secure compensation for their injuries by working with local attorneys in every state. Call us today to have our legal team begin working for you.

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